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John Lewis

I always use China Link for my travelling needs. They know all that there is to know about travelling to China including flights, hotels, trips and activities and more. I always recommend them to my friends too!

Margaret Bath

China Link is a really great resource for information on travelling in China. They know all there is to know about currency, food, health and safety as well as fun things to do and see. 

Coral Horndean

I travelled to China last year and was quite concerned about the huge cultural differences between there and here in the UK. I contacted China Link and they gave me loads of great information which made me feel much more comfortable and at ease. 

Have you been thinking about travelling to China? Do you dream about the amazing culture and customs that they have there? If you are looking to be submerged into the fantastic culture that China has to offer then what are you waiting for? China is only a flight away and here at China Link we have all the information available to make sure that you have a fun, safe and enjoyable journey!



From the UK, China is an average 8-hour flight away. Many flights go directly however some may have stopovers. This is actually great for those who are on a budget, like to have a break during flying, or even like to see another country on the way! 

There are loads of airlines that fly to China including Virgin, British Airways, KLM airways and American Airlines. Flights vary from £200 to £600 for a return, depending on the class that you fly in and the airline that you fly with. 



China is home to many amazing types of accommodation. You can stay in hotels, hostels, B&B's, resorts and villas. You can also rent out apartments and houses if you want to be really submerged within the local culture. 

Accommodation prices vary, and there are options available for all budgets. Some of the 5 star resorts which are normally in the coastal provinces or in the cities can reach hundreds of pounds a night and of course would include luxurious rooms, fine dining and spa facilities. For those on a tighter budget, China has an array of hostels. These can be as cheap as £2 per night and consist of a bunk bed in a shared dorm room with anything up to 12 other people. You will get your own safe box and key to keep your belongings safe, and they provide shared shower and toilet facilities. These are the two extremes of the accommodation that China has to offer and of course there are so many types in the middle to suit your needs.


China is easy to travel around within the major cities. Beijing hosts a fantastic metro system that is really cheap but can get quite cramped! There are also many taxis that you can use, however you should ensure it is a certified one before getting in! Rickshaws are a popular mode of transport and are a fun way to see the city and take in the culture too! If you want to go around by yourself then why not hire a bike? You can be environmentally friendly and travel at your own pace and leisure! 

If you are travelling further afield then there are trains between provinces. These can be booked 2 weeks in advanced and can be really cost effective. Be careful when it gets to national holidays though as the trains become very busy with workers returning home. There are no maximum capacities so you may end up sat in the floor or even standing for 20 hours. 

Flights between provinces are relatively cheap and there are a number of budget airlines that fly daily.