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John Lewis

I always use China Link for my travelling needs. They know all that there is to know about travelling to China including flights, hotels, trips and activities and more. I always recommend them to my friends too!

Margaret Bath

China Link is a really great resource for information on travelling in China. They know all there is to know about currency, food, health and safety as well as fun things to do and see. 

Coral Horndean

I travelled to China last year and was quite concerned about the huge cultural differences between there and here in the UK. I contacted China Link and they gave me loads of great information which made me feel much more comfortable and at ease. 

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Chinese outbound tourism is increasing year after year. Large population along with central politics encouraging the Chinese people to go out and see the world result in massive waves of tourists hopping on planes and crossing the planet in all possible directions, avid to see new things and take selfies with them on the background. The Chinese passion for international tourism is growing year after year, and it doesn't seem to decline. The world must be ready for this affluence, and take all measures needed to receive and make a profit out of this dynamic market.

The most visited sites by Chinese tourists are close countries like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, mainly because of geographical and cultural closeness. However, they do like to see other places and travel even farther, and when you get out of those Eastern neighbors of them, guess which country is on top of their preferences? Read More...